The Warm Front - Free Central Heating Grant

Warm Front are a government incentive set up to help the more vunerable homeowners and those on certain benefits to improve the quality of their heating systems. The Warm Front grant is a government incentive, that aims to ensure that everyone has a high level of quaity heating in their home, no one should go cold! Warm Front are also concerned with ensuring homes have energy efficient boilers installed, top of the range energy efficient combi and condensing boilers that are kind to the environment. Top of the range boilers that are also kind to your energy bills! The Warm Front scheme instal well known boilers such as Worcester Bosh boilers, Baxi Boilers, Ideal Boilers and much more! If you request a specific boiler for your home when the Warm Front technical surveyor is at your home, then as long as the boiler you request is on the Warm Front scheme and it is compatible with your home then there is a good chance you can have the boiler you want for FREE. 

Free Central Heating Grants are billiant, they are part of the governments home improvement incentive ensuring that everyone should have access to a good level of heating. The Warm Front grant scheme focuses on those who are over a certain age, those on income related benefits such as income support, or working tax credits as well as those on disability living allowance. Under Warm Front you can receive up to £3,500 in the home improvement pot to spend across the board choose from - A Free Boiler, A free Full Central Heating System, A Boiler Repair, Free Loft Insulation, Free Cavity Wall Insulation, Draught Proofing and a Hot Water Tank! Your Warm Front technical surveyor will discuss all the options with you and take into account your current standard of heating, consulting with you on what to put your application forward for.

It is quick and easy to see if you qualify for a Warm Front grant - Simply click on the links on this page and check which benefits you need to be on to qualify for the grant! Once you have checked to see if you are entitled to a FREE CENTRAL HEATING GRANT, simply click on the link on this page to apply for the Warm Front grant, alternatively you can apply for the Warm Front Grant over the telephone or via post. It is much quicker and direct to apply for your Warm Front free central heating grant by clicking on the links.

Have a FREE central heating system installed in your home including a top of the range boiler and up to 6 radiators! Sit back and enjoy your lovely warm house, and watch as your energy bills come down as your new energy efficient boiler is environmental friendly.